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Hello everybody, in this article we are going to talk about Bonzi Buddy. Do you know what is Bonzi Buddy? Sometimes BonziBUDDY spelled as Bonzi Buddy, Bonzibuddy, BonziBuddy or BONZIBuddy. It is a desktop assistant which made by Jay Bonzi and Joe. The Developers of Bonzi Buddy is Bonzi Softwere that was released on 1999 and discontinued on 2004 generally. Based on the research, Bonzi Buddy was reported as malware. The operating system of Bonzi Buddy is Microsoft windows.  The type of Bonzi Buddy is Adware or Spyware. The official website online of Bonzi Buddy stated that Bonzi Buddy software is going to help the user surf the Internet by using Microsoft Agent technology. The character of Bonzi Buddy is a purple gorilla.

Recently, we get an email from our reader who asks about Bonzi Buddy Windows 10. Is Bonzi Buddy work in Windows 10? Yes, of course, Bonzi Buddy work and available in Windows 10. By the way, do you a user of Windows 10? If you are a user of Windows 10, so you are able to download Bonzi Buddy. By the way, how to download Bonzi Buddy Windows 10? If you want to download Bonzi Buddy Windows 10, you have to go to official website online of Bonzi Buddy. You have to know that Bonzi Buddy Windows 10 is also free to download. After you reach at homepage of Bonzi Buddy website, then you are able to scroll down and click on download. There are the options for Windows 10. Please click download and install it. If you have download Bonzi Buddy Windows 10, we are sure that you will be satisfied with Bonzi Buddy because Bonzi Buddy is going to give you nice experiences.

There are many benefits of Bonzi Buddy software. The first benefits of Bonzi Boddy, it will inform you the late breaking news. The second benefits of Bonzi Buddy, it can manage or organize the internet as you want. In this case, if you want to manage the internet you want, Bonzi Buddy will do it. The next benefits of Bonzi Buddy, it will make you smile through the cute purple gorilla as its character. We are sure that when you see the character of Bonzi Buddy, you will be smile and laugh. Other benefits of Bonzi Buddy, it is able to give the education for the people from all ages. It is includes the children until the adults with the knowledge and Trivia. Therefore, you will get more knowledge from Bonzi Buddy which useful for you. The next benefits of Bonzi Buddy, it will make your computer and the internet will be safer, easier and more enjoy. So, you do not doubt to download Bonzi Buddy. The last benefits of Bonzi Buddy, Bonzi Buddy has the ability to save your money. In this case, if you download Bonzi Buddy, you are able to save your money. This is the explanation about Bonzi Buddy. We can conclude that Bonzi Buddy is work on Windows 10. We hope this article is useful for you.

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