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Lately, a lot of people especially those who run in technology, create software or apps that can be useful for people’s life. You can see on Play store or App Store. There, you can find a lot of apps starting from apps for helping people in learning language, creating calligraphy, beautifying your photo, and even online dating app. Now, we are going to discuss one of a software that is also functional but now it was discontinued.

Bonzi Buddy is a software that can help your task such as managing download, sharing jokes and facts, singing a song and many other. It was made by Joe and Jay Bonzi and released in 1999. They claim that Bonzi can help people explore the internet through many functions together with their own sidekick. This software has a mascot. At first, its mascot is a green talking parrot named Peedy. But then, it changed into an animated purple gorilla in the next version and it resided on the desktop of the user. It communicated with you by the employment of Microsoft Agent technology. This software were often recognized as trojan.

Now, let’s take a look what can actually be done by this software. First, it can keep you informed of late breaking news. It also can help you in organizing the internet the way you want it. If your mood is bad, it can make you smile with the little gorilla personality. Not only that, it can educate people with its wealth of knowledge and trivia, makes your computer and the internet easier, safer and definitely more fun. If you are categorized as an extravagant person, your money can be saved because it can help you search the internet for the best price on the products that you love.

Talk about the things that can be done by this cool software, people makes some creativities that relate to the mascot of it. One of them is people make the Bonzi gorilla to be able to sing Wake Me Up. You can watch the video that was uploaded by Aida entitled “Bonzi Buddy Sings Wake Me Up”. The song that was sung by the Bonzi gorilla is actually “Bring Me To Live” by Evanescence. But there, you can see Bonzi Buddy Sings the songs with the lyrics that are available in the bubble speech. It is funny enough. If you like that song, you can download that video or even download the audio and make it as you alarm. You can get the audio at soundcloud for free.

As we mentioned above that now Bonzi Buddy is now discontinued in 2004 and even at the end of  2008 the website of Bonzi Bunny disappeared. Even though it was discontinued and the site disappeared, for you who still want to enjoy this software, you still can download the software for free. It is unfortunate that this software is discontinued. It is better if the founder develop this software to the cooler software with more sophisticated features.

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