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Are you a computer user? How many hours do you use a computer a day? Using computer can cause boredom for some people, especially when all the activities and facilities remain the same. Fortunately, there is a good new for you. There is a software called Bonzi Buddy that will make your day more fun.

Bonzy Buddy is known as the desktop assistant. It is the assistant with purple gorilla as the icon. The icon itself was named after the creator named Joe and Jay Bonzi. Bonzi brother made a software that uses Microsoft Agent technology. It is similar to Office Assistant. At first, it was originally Peedy, a green parrot. Peedy is known as one of the characters available with Microsoft Agent.

The agent of Bonzi Buddy would share some jokes and facts. It also manages downloading using. Bonzi Buddy download is so good because it is using its own download manager. Aside from those function, it can also sing some songs. With this feature, everyone will surely love this.

After reading those facts above, are you interested on Bonzi Buddy? Bozi Buddy seems indeed fun. The main question is “is Bonzi Bussy safe”? The fun thing is not useful if it is not safe. Safety comes first. It is above everything. fortunately, this Bonzi Buddy thing is safe. The fact that a lot of users have been downloaded this software and no one of them even complained about its safety are good enough to say that this one is safe. You can look around some online communities related to Bonzi Buddy and check out about the review. Most of reviews have nothing to do with its safety. According to some users, the only thing that you should aware is that this software is quite annoying. It can be a noisy neighbor or annoying little brother or little sister for you. So, you better consider everything before you plan to get it on your device.

If you have a plan to get Bonzi Buddy as you are curious about it, you can download one for free. To get one, the first thing you have to do is to visit Bonzi Buddy website which is When you are in the homepage of its official website, look around and find a link that will direct you to the page of download this software.

Before downloading one, there are system requirements that should you consider. As stated on its website, you have to have 16MB of RAM, 11 MB of Free Disk Space, Windows 9x, NT 4, ME, Win2000 Sound Card, Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer) 5.0 or above, and so on. if you have all of them, then you can start download the software. Bonzi Software will keep you informed of the late breaking news, will organize the Internet the way you want it, will make you smile the entire day with his gorilla personality, can educate everyone of all ages with his wealth of knowledge, makes your device and the Internet easier, safer, and more fun.

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