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Are you here because you want to know more about Bonzi Buddy? You are in the right place then, so, keep reading this entire article to be informed more about what so called Bonzi Buddy. Do not miss a single world.

As you probably know, Bonzy Buddy is like the mascot character of the computer program of the same name. This program was made as the helper. This thing can interact with the user. Some of the things it can do is to tell jokes, ask the questions to do searching and helping with files. In its field, Bonzi Buddy is known for actually being a malicious spyware program. His thing can install viruses on the computer of the user and can cause the computer to become infected with a lot of unwanted programs and some problems. It includes changing their browser without consent.

Yes, do do not hear it wrong. Apparently, Bonzi Buddy contained viruses and spyware. the creator of this software named Joel Bonzi stated that at his first attempt to download the Bonzi Buddy program, there was a window popping up. Then, this one redirected to the rogue pornographic website. For your information, it could have had malware as well.

As the result of several claims that stated the program being adware and spyware, Bonzi Software was dragged in the legal trouble and discontinued the Bonzi program. However, it is still keeping the homepage up.

Bonzi Buddy is counted as the software that uses Microsoft Agent technology which is similar to Microsoft Office Assistant. At first, the icon of the software was a green parrot known as Peedy. Later, this owned by Microsoft icon was changed by Bonzi, the purple gorilla created by Bonzi Software. The name of Bonzi was taken after its creator, Joe and Joel Bonzi.

Bonzi Buddy also uses the text to speech which is more known as Bonzi Buddy Text to Speech. This one is the tool to use to interact with the user. The voice that used in this feature is called Sydney. It was taken from the old Lernut and Hauspie Microsoft Speech API 4.0 package. This one is often referred to in some software as Adult Male #2.

Bonzi Buddy Text to Speech works fine in a lot of devices such as Personal Computer (PC), laptop, and so on. everyone who uses those devices can try the feature well. Sadly, there is a sad news for the users of Mac. Bonzi Buddy voice Mac cannot work well. according to some users of some online communities related to Bonzi Buddy, for about the last umpteen years, you are able to type anything into the Mac OS built in text editor, hit Command/H, and hear it instantly. It is such a terrible one.

For those who have questions regarding Bonzi Buddy Text to Speech, please call the customer service of Bonzi Buddy. Talk to them until you get the clear answer. Hope it will help.

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