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Bonzi Buddy is a software that now is discontinued. Therefore, it is interesting to talk about that because the existence of Bonzi Bunny was helpful enough to make people’s tasks more simple. Well, Bonzi Buddy is a software that was created by Joe and Jay Bonzi that was released in 1999. This software can be used by people for many tasks as followed list.

  • It can give you the recent breaking news so that you will be up to date.
  • It can help you to organize the internet as you want.
  • It can make you smile because of the personality of the little gorilla.
  • It can give the education of all ages with the wealth of knowledge and trivia that are had by this software.
  • It can make your computer and the internet safer, easier, and of course more fun.
  • It also can make you to be able to save your money when you go shopping because it will help you to search for the best price on the products that you want to buy.

Bonzi Buddy utilizes the technology of Microsoft Agent that is the same with Office Assistant. At the beginning, the mascot of this software was a green Parrot called Peedy. Then, in the next version, it changed into a new character that is a purple gorilla called Bonzi. The program utilized a text to speech voice to communicate with the users. Sydney is the name of the voice and it was taken from an old Lernout & Hauspie Microsoft Speech API 4.0 package. It is usually referred to in several software as Adult Male #2. Several versions of this software are usually recognized as spyware. In 2004 this software was stopped but the website of Bonzi Buddy disappeared at the end of 2008.  If you access the site, you can see that there is a white page with several information about Bonzi such as the functions of Bonzi Buddy and also the link to download. So, for you who are still interested in using Bonzi Buddy, you can download it there for free.

Some of you perhaps still curious about Bonzi Buddy. If you then look for Bonzi Buddy simulator, you can access it in There, you can find Bonzi Buddy Simulator. If you are a player of Roblox, you can also find a game named Bonzi Buddy Simulator in which you can play it with 5 maximum players. The game was created on October 8, 2014 and then was updated on June 7, 2017. Until now, there has been 8,285 visits. So, if you are a little bit curious about Bonzi Buddy Simulator, you can find that in those two websites.

Well, as we know that now Bonzi Buddy was stopped without being known the reasons of it. Therefore, now there are a lot of cool software or apps that can be downloaded to your computer or even to your smartphone. Whatever software that you use, make sure that you use that wisely.

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