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Are you visiting this page because you are interested on Bonzi Buddy? If the answer of the question is yes, then you are in the right place. Please keep reading this entire article to be informed more about it.

Bonzi Buddy was known as a piece of adware, though claims of spyware capabilities have been made against it. This software was distributed by Bonzi Software. It was between 1999 and 2004. This one got the access to users systems by including and on screen “intelegent” software agent. It was supposedly would help a user to surf the Internet using Microsoft Agent technology. In the year of 1999, the software used a green parrot. So, it was basically a parrot called Peedy you see on the screen. The character licensed from Microsoft. In the later versions, Bonzi Software did not use Peedy which owned by Microsoft and created their own fictional character instead. So, it is the answer for you who are confused about why you see a purple gorilla when you are looking for Bonzi Buddy nowadays.

Bonzi Buddy Parrot Free Download

The agent of Bonzi Buddy is able to tell jokes, facts, manage downloading using its download manager, sing song, and do the other functions. It is all out for you. To do the function, the user should command the character by right clicking on the stomach of the character on which a menu would appear. Basically, everything about it will make you get so much fun. This sentence can be proven if only you do download Bonzi Buddy.

Get Bonzi Buddy now. You do not have to wait anymore. Does it free? For your information, the initial one was free. However, most functions in the free version were only samples or demos. In the end, it would urge people to pay for modules to extend the functionality. For instance, some jokes and songs were urged to purchase joke or song modules.

Some people prefer Peddy the Parrot than the purple gorilla. They said it is cuter. Do you think the same way as them? if you are one of the people who think so, you do not have to worry because the software of Peddy the Parrot is still available to download. Go look around the Internet to find one.

For those who decide to download Bonzi Buddy, here are some additional information for you. Apparently, Bonzi Buddy works the best on Windows XP or below. If you use Windows Vista and up, the speech of Bonzi Buddy glitches to the default sound of the computer in said operating systems. This way will cause him to speak weirdly and can cause him to skip some words. His sprite background also glitches on Windows 7 and up. So, it will no longer transparent but it will create the solid colored cyan space around Bonzi Buddy. The main cause is due to it being unsupported. Fortunately, this can be fixed by using the compatibility mode on the executable. Then, set it to Windows XP or below.

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