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Have you heard about Bonzi Buddy? Well, Bonzi Buddy is a software in which it can help desktop in doing its task. The software that was created by Joe and Jay Bonzi in 1999, can be used to share jokes and facts, manage downloading by using its download manager, sing songs and many others. Microsoft Agent that is similar to Office Assistant was used in this software. In this article, we are going to discuss about Bonzi Buddy download including Bonzi Buddy download no virus for Windows 10. Originally, this software has a mascot named Peedy. It is a green parrot. And then, in the next version the mascot changed into Bonzi which is a purple gorilla and you can find it on your desktop. The program used a text to speech voice to communicate with the user. That voice was named Sydney and it was taken from an old Lernout & Hauspie Microsoft Speech API 4.0 package.

In the official website of Bonzi Buddy, the Bonzi Buddy team claim that it would assist a person in exploring internet by using a wide variety of functions with their own sidekick. This software was stopped in 2004 and until that year, it has about several versions that were released. After several time, since Bonzi was taken down continue to increase in number, it has become benign over time because it is no longer able to get access the servers that it requires to utilize the component of adware. Bonzi Buddy is recognized as a keylogger. Bonzi Buddy was known as trojan, predominantly as a piece of adware, even though claims of spyware capabilities have been made towards it.

Well, if you want to have this kind of software you can do download Bonzi Buddy full version free. You can try to search that in the internet. One of the site that provide this software for free is in There, you can download Bonzi Buddy with the size 49.90 MB. Besides, you can also find the link for download Bonzi Buddy at, and Using Bonzi Buddy is very fun because it can walk, talk, joke, browse, email, search, and also download like no other friend you have ever had. Bonzi even can compare prices on the products that you like and help you save money. It also can keep you informed of recent breaking news, organize the internet the way you want, make you smile throughout your day with the little gorilla personality, educate people of all ages with the wealth of knowledge and trivia, make your computer and the internet easier, safer and more fun. It is interesting, isn’t it?

So, if you are interested in this cool software and you think that you need this one, you have to do Bonzi Buddy free download unblocked. You are able to download the software in the site that has been mentioned above. Well, where else can have a cool friend like Bonzi? So, you can download now and befriend with Bonzi!

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